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911 T Porsche 1968


“Having owned my 1968 Porsche 911T for over twenty years, I was keen to find the right man with whom to entrust a full restoration project. The moment I pulled up outside Harrison Automotive, the appreciative and welcoming smile, and the pristine and modern workshop, told me I had found an enthusiast and a professional. The team at Harrison undertook the project with great care and attention to the smallest of details. It was a pleasure to call in to review progress, discuss challenges, and to agree priorities. For Harrison Automotive, the only acceptable standard in such work is “perfect”. The result is a car of which it has been said that its finish is even better than when it left the factory. And, of course, an enduring and rewarding relationship is now firmly established between a proud owner, a fine car, and the dedicated team who rebuilt it”.

Nigel de la Rue, Director of Investment Companies in Guernsey.